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Sometimes work means DJ-ing a 90s Dance Party!

Out of the Classroom

How To Interview A Stranger

I was cleaning up from brunch in Who's Hall the morning that students set out to interview people in Leadville for their Human Ecology project. No one was there to offer advice on the interview process, so this was my very last minute, impromptu lesson.

Identity Squad - Discussing Privilege 

We decided during an identity squad meeting that a discussing types of privilege was an important first step to discussing micro-aggressions, however, both were too broad to pack into one lesson. Meena and I worked with some of the students to guide them in developing a lesson plan for cabin meeting the day before the identity series, in order to preface our exploration of micro-aggressions. 

Thanks Maya Neidhart, Marlo Rimalovski, Ella Shochatovitz, Jesse Leener, & Emma Galambos for putting together such a great lesson!